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Holly Loxton is a mentor, life and business coach that uses Integrated Trauma Healing Therapy amongst other things for her entrepreneur and visionary clients so that they can live their most extraordinary lives.


We covered:


- what trauma is and how most of humanity has some form of trauma or another influencing the way we go about our lives while we are blissfully unaware


- top down vs bottom up therapy


- the conscious vs subconscious mind - who's doing what


- why getting triggered by someone can be a good thing


- how we subconsciously pick our romantic partners and why


- why it's so easy for some to find success and so difficult for others


- plant medicine: what it is and how it can help with integrating/working through trauma


- and what Holly believes is happening in the world right now


This interview was chock full of gold nuggets of wisdom and not only that, Holly happens to be quick as a whip, savvy, and hilarious which made this my fave interview so far.


Find more on Holly and her work here - https://www.hollyloxton.com.au/ and follow her on Instagram @hollyloxton_coach

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Do you ever wonder if we're alone in the universe? What about if telepathy is real? Should we listen to what our stars say about us? Is meditation all it's cracked up to be? What are alternative therapies and should we even bother checking in to them? Can we heal through frequency? What is frequency anyway? 

If you've asked yourself any of these things, then you have probably stumbled across this humble little podcast for a reason. And that reason is that you may just find the answers to these and many more questions that you've been asking.

All you have to do to listen is tune in with an open mind and heart. Welcome to Tune In Radio U. The 'u' is for universe...




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