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What is frequency minded music?

"Vibration of light and sound is in everything around us, down to the basic building blocks of life.


When there is a block in energy, or an unbalanced energy present, in the body, we often find dis-ease, stress, psychological suffering, addiction, and many other ailments.


If there is a disruption of energy, we believe there is a frequency for that. A countermeasure frequency that can be introduced to assist in the restoration of that energy.


This idea integrates the basic concepts from sound healing as well as Ian Morris' experience and education. He develops our music and programs by utilising his 20+ years' experience working with clients who have healed and recovered from multiple diseases using LTS Frequency Minded Music."


Listening To Smile

Ian uses the astrological happenings, as well as world events to create monthly meditation albums that help you ease into the month, no matter what is going on. 

Ruth facilitates Sonic Meditation events using Ian's monthly albums producing a meditation experience that not only allows for restoration of mental and physical balance but also shamanic like experiences. Hard to explain but absolutely sublime. 



Sini, L

It was wonderful to participate, I've been in a really great headspace all day. Thank you so much!! 🤍

Sian, M

I just wanna say another thank you for this morning. That was a pretty amazing experience and the after effects are amazing. I asked for quiet in my thoughts and I definitely feel a shift. My vibe feels a lot more positive and my thoughts less noisy. I think you’re really onto something here. Again...thank you xx

Tash, C

It was so nice and relaxing. I was in a relaxed Zen state all day. It was lovely.

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