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What is frequency minded music?

"Vibration of light and sound is in everything around us, down to the basic building blocks of life.


When there is a block in energy, or an unbalanced energy present, in the body, we often find dis-ease, stress, psychological suffering, addiction, and many other ailments.


If there is a disruption of energy, we believe there is a frequency for that. A countermeasure frequency that can be introduced to assist in the restoration of that energy.


This idea integrates the basic concepts from sound healing as well as Ian Morris' experience and education. He develops our music and programs by utilising his 20+ years' experience working with clients who have healed and recovered from multiple diseases using LTS Frequency Minded Music."


Listening To Smile

Upcoming Events

Sonic Meditation Christmas Edition
Sat, Dec 19
EQ Wellness Centre
Dec 19, 10:30 AM
EQ Wellness Centre, Wangara WA 6065, Australia
Featuring the music of Listening To Smile prepare to let go of this years stress

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