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Chatting to Cat reminded me of growing up at home. That old school European background coming out to play....not that Cat is old school by any means. She is indeed a forward thinking human that supports you in your personal transformation by using many different modalities but especially by using her own personal transformation as a strong foundation. Experience begets knowledge. 

We spoke about:

- what Cat does for fun

- Cat's own powerful transformational story - from childhood sexual abuse to addiction, I discover what made Cat into the powerful coach she is today

- societal conditioning and how not one of us have escaped it

- personal responsibility when it comes to healing your shit so that you don't project it onto others

- what exactly Cat does with her clients

- what somatic experiencing/work is - integrating trauma and why everyone needs to know about it

- what Cat believes is going on in the world right now

- what I think is going on in the world right now (Cat asked me - I couldn't very well not answer her)

- what Cat believes the purpose of life is

- Cat's advice on what you can focus on to help yourself if you're feeling lost right now

This conversation had heart, authenticity, and truth....our truth - but truth non the less. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it. 

To work with Cat, follow her on Instagram @catherine_pulitano and follow her Beyond Walls link in her profile to access all her services. 

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Do you ever wonder if we're alone in the universe? What about if telepathy is real? Should we listen to what our stars say about us? Is meditation all it's cracked up to be? What are alternative therapies and should we even bother checking in to them? Can we heal through frequency? What is frequency anyway? 

If you've asked yourself any of these things, then you have probably stumbled across this humble little podcast for a reason. And that reason is that you may just find the answers to these and many more questions that you've been asking.

All you have to do to listen is tune in with an open mind and heart. Welcome to Tune In Radio U. The 'u' is for universe...




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