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Wow! What an epic information session with Evolutionary & Archetypal Astrologer and Life Coach, Shannon Gill!

Shannon is also the Coordinating Director at Lotus Bend Sanctuary, the Co-Founder/Owner at The Shift Foundation, President at ASA-Astrological Society of Austin, and Founder of Rhythm Sanctuary-ATX Ecstatic Dance.

We got into:

- what astrology is exactly, and if there's any science behind it;

- I also pick Shannon's brain on what is happening in the world right now, and what the rest of the year might look like;

- the importance of the 21st of December and what she recommends to do on this day;

- we dive into what the souls' journey is and how Shannon can help decipher that for you;

- what Lotus Bend Sanctuary is all about; the purpose of twin flames,

- and I find out what Shannon's recommendations are if you're only just waking up to what's really happening in the world.

Shannon was a delight to talk with. So articulate and passionate, which made it a fascinating interview. I could have talked with her for hours!

Find more info on Shannon and her work here -



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Do you ever wonder if we're alone in the universe? What about if telepathy is real? Should we listen to what our stars say about us? Is meditation all it's cracked up to be? What are alternative therapies and should we even bother checking in to them? Can we heal through frequency? What is frequency anyway? 

If you've asked yourself any of these things, then you have probably stumbled across this humble little podcast for a reason. And that reason is that you may just find the answers to these and many more questions that you've been asking.

All you have to do to listen is tune in with an open mind and heart. Welcome to Tune In Radio U. The 'u' is for universe...




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